Most Exciting Things You Can Do In Dublin

Dublin is a great city to visit and can be an excellent addition to your bucket list. Here are the most exciting things you can do while you are visiting the city:

Most Exciting Things You Can Do In Dublin

  • Experience the city like a local. Despite Dublin’s unsavoury reputation in the previous years, the residents and neighbourhoods are trying very hard to keep their place as one of the most charming in the world. One of the places where you can experience the warmth and beauty of Dublin is the Temple Bar. The streets are made of cobblestones surrounded by cafes, bars, architectural splendour and art galleries, all of these are harmoniously blended together with eco-friendly and streetscapes schemes. Some of the cultural attractions are the Irish Film Institute; it is the only art-house cinema in the city, the Project Arts Centre and the Gallery of Photography.
  • Drink a perfect pint in one of their most excellent pubs. If you want to visit Dublin because of its Guinness, then you should try a perfect pint at one of the famous pubs, Kehoe’s. The staffs are very friendly, they keep the guests mugs full and busy during night time where the crowd huddles together around the stairs. This is the traditional neighbourhood tavern style. The place is elegant because of its wooden fittings, delightful snugs and the character are old school, these things make the drinking experience a rich one.
  • Visit the Dublin Castle to brush with royalty. This castle is not what you imagined, this is not the traditional one since there is no moat, no turrets where you can pour boiling oil and no drawbridge which can lower down when there are invading hordes. The Dublin Castle showcases more of the18th century collection of albeit fine ones, administrative buildings built on a plan during the medieval time of two courtyards. Today, the castle hosts state or grand diplomatic functions and sometimes a venue for occasional performances such as concert recitals. Viewing the beautiful interior is very accessible on a basis of pay-per-view but you can enjoy around the castle freely.
  • Warm up by trying some Irish stew in Dublin’s oldest microbrewery pub. The wooden décor of this oldest microbrewery pub may be too rustic but it can be compensated by the quality of their beer, this is the Porterhouse. They sell their own beers but the lagers, ales and stouts taste much better than those mass-produced beer. You should try the Oyster Stout, it is made from real oysters and it is very good to pair it with an excellent pub food, they are Irish stews, mash and bangers to have a satisfying meal but spending reasonably.
  • Join the parade during St. Patrick’s Day. It falls every 17th of March each year; the festival offers a perfect excuse for anyone to drink. The parade showcases some of the best street performers of Europe and four days filled with world-class entertainment. One of the most awaited performances is the New Jazz of Europe’s Festival. On the other hand, if you are a movie enthusiast, the months of July and August are perfect for your visit because every Saturday is free night movies at the Jameson Movies. Another activity is the Dublin Writer’s Festival; it offers a feast of public debates, discussions and readings.
  • Stroll around the peaceful place of Trinity College. The best time to stroll around this intellectual hub is Sunday morning, before the students’ waking time. This is also the time when the bells of the church for the morning mass are heard all throughout the city. It is the oasis of beauty and peace. The campus is a combination of contemporary and classical buildings with elegant gardens. Trinity College was founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, they also boast of stellar alumni such as playwright Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett, a Nobel laureate. During summer, some of the students provide guided tours for thirty minutes.
  • Dine in with style at Peploe’s. It is always fun every Friday at Peploe’s. Lunches are popular in the city with local heroes, cultured set and business gurus. Also, the location is absolutely fabulous, the rooms with wooden deck, crisp table linen and murals. Peploe’s serves classic dishes such as Caesar salad, smoked salmon paired with dill sauce and French onion soup, of course, the list of wines is long and good. This restaurant is just new on the block but attracts both locals and tourists because of its international menu and a long list of wines coming from all over the world. The staffs are efficient and friendly, during an evening of warm summer; drinking crisp rose surrounded by elegant attraction is a delight.
  • Get inspired at Trinity College’s Science Gallery. When you are visiting Trinity College, expect to see great things like the Science Gallery. The innovativeness of the place will not disappoint you. Do not be surprised to see exhibits of techno-thread clothing, debates regarding the efficacy of anti-depressants and the bio-fuels’ future as well as robotic art displays. They even harnessed nanotechnology which is used to inscribe the gallery’s logo on the diamond.
  • Watch the tournament of Six Nations Rugby. This is one of the highlights of the Sporting Calendar of Ireland. The venue of the games played at home is at the Croke Park, the time when the entire city is filled with excitement. Even if Ireland is not going to play, it is a tradition that people gather around at the local pubs like a one big party quarrelling over the goals.
  • Try the delicious seafood of Aqua. With the coastal location, the order of the day entails about fish like baked sea bass, Dover sole, slow-cooked organic salmon and pan-fried halibut. The distinct urban appearance of Urban Aqua is softened by the beautiful sea views at the same time cosy bar just in front of an uncluttered and casual dining room. The place is great for a Sunday lunch with live jazz. If you are visiting Dublin on a bright and sunny day, save some time to walk around the harbour.
Most Exciting Things You Can Do In Dublin

These are some of the most exciting things you can do when you are in Dublin.

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