Packing List Ideas When Visiting Dublin: Dublin Clothing Style

When you are planning to visit Dublin, it is not enough to plan of the places to visit but to include what you are going to wear. You must remember that the people in Dublin are very trendy; they combine casual and formal wear. However, the most essential thing to keep in mind is to look presentable all the time, avoid tracksuits even if they are branded and anything that reveals too much like booty shorts or crop tops because it will look inappropriate.

First, we will tackle about the travel essentials. When you plan what to wear in visiting Dublin, keep in mind that it has four seasons in day weather, this means that it is unpredictable. You should bring a travel umbrella or any waterproof gear like a parka and comfortable and sensible walking shoes, all kinds of leather boots or similar material will work perfectly for your visit. Avoid track shoes except if you are heading to the gym.

Second, the shopping in Dublin, do not forget that it has many shopping malls as well as popular shopping areas such as St Stephens Green and Grafton Street. If you will look for a shop where you can buy clothing needs at very reasonable prices, go to Penny’s because they have the latest trends and sell just about everything you need. Another affordable and fantastic shop is Bershka; they sell stylish clothes for everyone.

Third, here are packing list ideas for every season.


During spring, the temperature is mild with occasional rain showers, spells of sunshine and wind. Also, the days are longer and in the country side, you will witness green landscapes, countless spring lambs and yellow tulips. For your packing list, you must remember that the spring in the city is cold; a perfect outfit is jeans with your comfortable flat walking shoes like ballet travel flats or converse style shoes, either in navy or black colour. However, be prepared for a wet weather; always bring waterproof flat boots or even ankle booties, waterproof gear like a jacket or a fold-up umbrella. Layering is very essential, it would be perfect to use jackets, light sweaters and tanks or t-shirts, try to use neutral and pastel colours. You can use a splash of colour by using a scarf and cross body bag. With these, you will look elegant for the spring season.


The days are longer in summer and expect more daylight as well as beautiful crimson sunsets while the temperatures are moderate to warm. Summer in Dublin is a drier season and you can see that every person is happier but expect wind and rain to make sure you are ready all the time. The best way to be prepared is by checking the weather forecast prior to visiting around the city. Always bring hoodies and a small umbrella to protect you from chilling. Also, bring a cardigan to pair with your summer dress, maxi skirt or dress and shorts. Tights or stockings are great options to wear underneath a dress or shorts and always bring comfortable jeans, they will keep you warm. Summer season is a celebration of colours but avoid the neon ones, yes, they are sometimes worn in the city but they are not fashionable, so bring pastel colours or those rich deep shades like burgundy or burnt orange. An addition of scarf will give warmth and a hint of colour to your outfit or bring a blazer, opt for a black one since you can pair it with any look as it adds sophistication of your simple jeans. Lastly, bring ballet flats shoes and another pair of ankle booties or brogues to protect you on colder days. You can also bring another pair of walking shoes most preferably Toms or Converse.


The autumn season has very strong winds at the same time frequent rain; there is a visible drop of the temperature. For this season, you must pack clothes which can keep you dry and warm like a warm jacket and a trench coat; these two will protect you from the chill and gives you additional warmth. Layering is the key, aside from the basics; you can use warm wool jerseys, long sleeve tops and plain t-shirts and pair them with tailored trousers and skinny jeans in darker colours. For autumn, it is great to use calf length boots or ankle booties, for boots, use faux leather or leather material to make sure your feet are dry and protected from too much cold. You can also accessorize by using bright coloured scarves in whatever shades or patterns that suit your personality.


If you are travelling during winter, expect very cold temperatures, heavy rainfall and shorter days accompanied by snowfall and strong winds. Winter is the best time to wear warm clothes. The best winter pick clothes are mid-calf or tall boots, choose the one with a warm inner lining so that it can be water-resistant and give extra warmth during the wet and cold weather. Do not forget to bring a warm hat like beanie and ear muffs, gloves and thick scarf. All of these clothing materials will keep you warm and can become accessories; choose styles and shades of your preference. The neutral pieces are going to be your thick trousers and jeans in darker shades paired with hoodies, warm winter coat and long sleeve tops. Layering is always the key. Never forget to bring a heavy duty umbrella and a waterproof jacket. For underneath clothing, choose warm materials like merino wool or polyester top and bottoms, they will provide the warmth you need and they do not smell easily so you do not need to wash them often.

Travel Tips

Ireland is a beautiful country to visit, when you are in Dublin, the city is vibrant and a cultural hub which is filled with history. Once you are in the city, you will be fascinated with its longstanding museums and architecture. The Irish people are one of the most genuine and friendliest people, they will be happier to help every tourist in need.

Finally, the culture in Dublin is diverse, you will definitely find something that you can relate with and suit your preferences while on vacation.

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