Traditional Irish Music

When tourists visit Dublin, one of the most anticipated events is listening to their traditional Irish music. There are many varieties of Dublin Music and they are most common in pubs. Traditional Irish music is played at the same time heard with much passion in the entire country of Ireland and through the years, it has flourished amazingly. The most common instruments they use are fiddle a bodhran, accordion and spoons. In most cases, the music and dance sessions are impromptu in all pubs but some hire regular musicians for additional zeal and fervour for the business.

These are the list of all Traditional Irish Musicians and bars in Dublin:

Traditional Irish Music

  • Smokin’ Mojo – It is located in Fleet Street,Templebar, Dublin 2. They showcase live music headed by the coolest band in the city.
  • The Flinch – Still, it is located in Templebar, Dublin 2.
  • The Mixtape – You will be delighted by the live entertainment late at night located in the Templebar, Dublin 2.
  • Michael Lennan at Jazz Brunch on Sundays
  • Full Stop – it is the place for free live entertainment.
  • Hollywood Nights – This is still in Templebar, it is live music’s hot spot. It showcases some of Dublin’s best bands and offers 7 nights of great music with a DJ playing the crowd’s favorite party hits every Saturday night.
  • Jazz Brunch – Every Sunday, they offer a fantastic brunch menu together with Michael McLennon’s jazz sounds.
  • Shamrog
  • Dave Rooney and Sharon Hussey – They provide live music each night with some of the best Irish musical talents.
  • Jimmy Coup and Brian Grace – If you want to hear live music and fantastic guitar, you should listen to Jimmy Coup and Brian Grace.
  • The Cabin Sessions – They showcase acoustic music session with their house band and some special guests.
  • Sound wave
  • Steve Carroll and friends
  • Stephen James
  • Collin Scallan
Traditional Irish Music

These are the great Traditional Irish musicians in Dublin.

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